We Deliver healthy Fresh Vegetables, Right to Your Door:Gachi CSA

Hi Community!

Have you heard of "Gachi CSA" right here in Korea?
Gachi CSA delivers fresh, local, organic & eco friendly food baskets to happy members' doors every week.  For those who aren't yet aware, CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a farmer-direct-to-consumer system which gets people connected to the food they eat.  It is a mutually supportive relationship between producers and consumers where everyone benefits.
At Gachi CSA, we aim to provide the best CSA experience possible for both our local Korean and foreigner communities.  We offer "vegan baskets" and awesome "vegan bread"! <3

We hope you find our products a great resource for you kitchen and the farmers appreciate your support.

For more information or to order please go to: 

l Review : http://www.seoulsync.com/food/international/gachi-csa-take-advantage-farm-fresh-organic-produce-amazing-prices