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I'm currently in Busan and need to go to Japan to get my working Visa. I know that most people go to Fukoka to do this, but I see that there are inexpensive tickets to Tokyo. However, I'm afraid I'll get lost since Tokyo is such a big city.

Has anyone done a Visa run to Tokyo? Is the consulate easy to find? Difficult? Can you provide a map? Does anyone have info on doing the Visa run to Fukoka?

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I went to Fuokoka? For mine and it was fine. Easy to find using local maps and lots of stuff in walking distance. It is maybe 2-4 miles from the ferry terminal, taht said it is like a 2500 yen cab ride each way :( but i would say go there over Tokyo just because it is smaller and still a nice visit.

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Fukuoka is lovely. Tokyo is awesome!

It really depends on how much time you have, if it's only a couple of days to get in and get out, maybe Fukuoka would be the better option. If you can spend an extra day definitely go to Tokyo, it's bigger and takes longer to get to places, but the transportation system is pretty darn good. 

Personally I haven't been there on a visa run, so if nobody is able to give information for that I might phone or e-mail them to check if it's ok. Found their website and contact and direction details are here.

I ran it through Google translate and it translated pretty well.

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Bus 306 from Hakata Station Bus Terminal will take you directly to the Korean Consulate. It is across from Hawk's Town shopping mall near Yahoo Dome. 220 yen.

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Just to add to the above post 'Hakata' is in Fukuoka, if you weren't familiar with the city at all.