vacation time?

what is considered vacation time?   am i right to assume that vacation time is days you agree are your vacation time for days off in a row (or 1 at a time) of your own choosing (with maybe some blackout dates)?  also, am i correct in thinking that  vacation time does not include scheduled days off (where the school is not open) or korean holidays?  finally, am i correct in thinking that we are guaranteed a minimum of 10 vacation days a year?

thanks for any and all help!

Re: vacation time?

Depends on the school, but sadly in many cases you are not right in thinking what you do. National holdidays will be swallowed up by your vacation time. School holidays likewise. And hoping to get a block of days off is really down to you and your director. Some people who do repeat contracts at the same school do this. Often it's not possilbe.

Re: vacation time?

Most contracts say 10 days on top of National Holidays but all are different. The school can give you those 10 days anytime they want, though.  School holidays included. But really, your ten days off are part of the 20 day a month pay system meaning every month parents pay for 20 days. There are always a day or two extra and those are your vacation days. Some schools give that. So it is up to you to talk to school and find out when your vacation days are. They could be anywhere or they could be 5 days in summer and 5 in winter which is normal but like I said, all school are different. Good luck. And as an aside, your sick days are part of those extra days so take them. If not, you are actually working for free for the school.