Urgent flying dog question

'm really having problems getting through to AirCanada to ask about any cold weather embargo they have for travelling pets - has anyone experience regarding this?

Re: Urgent flying dog question

If you are shipping the pet out of Korea, a registered pet shipper in Korea has to do the actual shipping, so you should be able to ask your shipper about the cold weather embargo. 

If you are shipping your pet from Canada to Korea, Air Canada Cargo should be able to answer questions about this--they've responded to my emails, when I couldn't reach them via phone.  I shipped my GSD from TO to Incheon in February, with no issues related to the cold embargo, since I arranged for him to be in a heated cargo fold on both legs of the journey (TO to Van and Van to Incheon.)

Although, if you are looking at bringing a dog here and he happens to be large (like mine), I would strongly recommend against it :P