University Korean Study Programs (Online) Located in/near Busan

I'm looking for a Korean language program like Yonsei's that might be offered through a Busan university.

Any input would be appreciated.

Re: University Korean Study Programs (Online) Located ...

I am presuming that the Yonsei program is intensive. I replied to a similar post a while back.

Dong Eui used to, and may still have an intensive program. However a search online isn't proving that fruitful, all I can find is this older page from 2008. But, at least it's got contacts on it.

Pukyong university also had a daily course for a couple hours a day.

Don't have a link, but the contact details are here on the Busan homepage.

However, I think you will find that most universities have some sort of course to cater for the ever growing number of migrant workers here. I guess we are all migrants, but I mean mainly the S.E Asian guys who are required to have Korean in order to work here.

Anyhow check that Busan government link out for possible leads.