Tobacconist in Busan?

Does anyone know of one in Busan?  I'm looking for Indonesian clove "kritek" cigarettes, specifically the brand Gudang Garam.

Or if anyone is going to Indo and wants to bring me back a carton?


Re: Tobacconist in Busan?

Kretek is right? there are some smoker who smoking indonesia cigarette. Kretek is popular

i found the way by internet but i dont know exactly they have it.

 Indonesia cafe or asia mart sell it in busan




Re: Tobacconist in Busan?

Hey Bart, thanks for the reply, I had given up on this one. 

Do you know where the Indonesian Cafe or Asia Mart is?


Re: Tobacconist in Busan?

Forgot to add. Although it doesn't answer the original question it's related to the title. I heard that the new Lotte Department store in Nampodong has a really good range of cigars, including Cuban at reasonable prices. It's by the wine section, which I've also heard is pretty impressive and extensive. 

Re: Tobacconist in Busan?

Gudang Garan (?)... I tried that one years ago.. I didnt know it has "weed" in the filters.. And the smell is really strong.. Its not good at all. uiui 

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I ask to sasang asia mart.but they dont have. 

If you didnt get that I gonna look that.