Thanks giving dinner

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Thanks giving dinner

Do you know any places that I can have Thanks giving dinner like turkey dinner?

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The Seaman's Club has been

The Seaman's Club has been where most people go to. It's happening again this year, but the most well know branch, behind the station has closed leaving just the one at Pier 8, which is hard to find even if you know the city.

Anyhow details are here on the old forums. You need to make a reservation, so I am sure they can help you with directions as well.

They also do a take out dinner if you want to cook at home. Or you could try Costco if you have an oven.

It is also strongly possible that some of the major hotels are doing a Thanksgiving dinner. But, unable to see anything on their websites.


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Thanksgiving and Christmas Turkey Dinner

 Some Churches also put on free or almost free dinners.  I know that Antioch International Ministries offers free thanksgiving and Christmas dinners on their respective dates.