TESOL Quals needed?

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Andrew Holmes
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TESOL Quals needed?

Hi everyone,

I got an e-mail from Times Media this weekend advertising for their TESOL course. The text reads as follows:

"[Times Media] Domestic native speaker employment policy
"Domestic native speaker employment policy: obligation of acquisition of TESOL Certificate!
"By English Program in Korea (EPIK), an organization that is affiliated with the Korean Ministry of Education, announced the new policy to make all the native speakers to hold a TESOL Certificate in order to be a teacher on September 2015. The new market of recruiting the native speakers as a trainee will be expected to be formed in TESOL education marketplace.
"Thus, since native speakers who have been teaching in Korea currently need to obtain TESOL Certificate also, the number of demand of TESOL Certificate is expected to increase.
"TESOL, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages is a course that training people who want to teach for those whose mother-tongue is not English.
"TimesTesol, that first established TESOL technical education center in Korea, have been producing more than 10,000 graduates for 12years through short-term systematic system that enable English beginners to teach English lesson. Because the lessons are proceeded 100% in English, not only students are able to learn English communication skills, but also practical English teaching methods in a short term.
"Instructor team of TimesTesol is organized with skilled and experienced instructors from USA and Canada. Also through micro-teaching (students demonstrating the lessons they have prepared) and other methods focused on practicality help students to excel in their English skills. Furthermore, TimesTesol also provides convenience by locating in Gangnam, with high accessibility.
"TimesTesol grants graduates a TESOL Certificate that is granted from California State University, Long Beach. This certificate is recognized all around the globe and not only in nd people who want to get a job in Korea or overseas.
"TimesTesol is recruiting TESOL for foreigners, and the opening date for weekday class is 17th of November. The usual TESOL opening day is on 17th of October(TC180) and 28th of October (weekday morning class).
"For any enquiries, please contact (Korea, but also overseas, it can be used for students who seek to work as an English teacher  ☎02-558-1690)"


Has anyone else heard about this? Is it only for EPIK employees or generally?


Andrew :)