teaching without work visa

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joe kimchi
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teaching without work visa

I think the new teacher at my hagwon must have the record for teaching on a passport without a work visa.

He said he taught full time at a hagwon for two years before going legit and getting an E-2 visa with my institute. I thought it was risky, but he made it sound so routine. He even used a local bank account for monthly deposits.

He's British, so maybe it's easier for them to stay in country long term and work under the table.

Note: I would still recommend against doing this but I was blown away by how easy he made it sound. Maybe the tight economy has created a market for teachers willing to work full-time at hagwons willing to take them on so they can avoid paying full benefits (like housing, pension and severance).

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Re: teaching without work visa

I know people who have done it (and in some cases still are doing it) for a lot longer than 2 years. It's not as uncommon as you might think. There are also a lot of teachers who have an E2 visa with one school but teach at other schools on the side (unofficially).

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Re: teaching without work visa

I have been searching almost desparately for a position in Korea that will take me with only an associates thus far. I am attending my program for teaching and won't graduate until 2014 with my bachelors. I realize I may sound like many who think they are somehow entitled to teach English simply because I speak English.

You spoke of Hagwons that are not as picky and I have been looking for them, however, as I imagined they are very difficult to find. I have a good friend who is Korean who has a friend (don't they all) who owns a few hagwons and might be willing but so far nothing. I was going to Korea this month to teach at a Christian Academy for a few months but they shut down at the last minute almost.

Do you have any advice? I do not want to be deported, and have given much thought to the prospect of being deported, but the lure as they say "The heart wants what the heart wants."

I had applied to a program offered by the governnment three times that works with only those without an undergrad. The problem is at almost forty I am too old for the program.

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Re: teaching without work visa

As for teaching without a visa. Well  I would not suggest it .If you are caught you have to pay a 10 000 000 w fine. School pays 10 000 000 w fine too. Its possible you may go to jail for a few days too .Nowadays trend is for them to look more carefully at the schools. You may get away with it  or you may not. Schools need to register part time teachers too or be fined by Education Board. That would not be your concern. They fine the school. But without the visa  if you are caught then you will pay the piper .

   Best thing would be to go into offices and teach people . But the 1 000 000 dollar question is how to find the contacts .

    Why not get a student visa . With that you can work part time. Maybe do some moving of things or other hard jobs. They pay not bad in Korea.