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Hey there, I want to move to Fukouka in August/September...can anyone reccomend how I should go about getting a job there....what jobs are good, etc.? Also, is a TEFL/TESOL any good there. By then my experience is a baachelor's in communciations studies from Montreal and 1 year at elementary school in Korea, along with being a tutor and teaching assisant back home. Thanks

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Getting jobs in Japan isn't easy. There are a lot of people applying for a small amount of positions. My boyfriend and I were offered jobs with ECC -- a large academy franchise -- last December but it was hard. We did an all day interview in Sydney and then had to take a grammar test which 75% of the candidates failed and were sent home. You should also note that the pay may look like more than Korea but the cost of living is a lot higher. It will also take most likely about 5 months from the point of application to get your visa.

All that considered, Japan is awesome and would be a great experience. Just know that competition is tough and they like doing real interviews (none of this email/Skype business)! It might require you to travel in order to interview. Keep looking on Dave's ESL Cafe for job ads in Japan. ECC is probably the second best job you can get there after JET (with JET you must interview in your home country).

Also note that your teaching experience in Korea may not count for much.

In the end, our decision to return to Korea rather than go to Japan was based on potential savings. Japan is wonderful but expensive. :)

Good luck! If you get an interview with ECC, I'd be happy to give you advice!

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If you want to teach in public schools, there are a few 'placement' agencies, one big one is called INTERAC, that basically find you a position similar to the JET Program without having to go through JET.  The salary is a bit lower (INTERAC has to take their cut) than JET, but the work conditions are pretty much the same. 

Don't count on necessarily getting placed where you'd like, however.

TESOL or TEFL certification can help, for sure, as can experience teaching.

As the other poster said, though, positions aren't really opening up these days.  A lot of my friends who were teaching there when I left Japan 3 years ago are holding onto their jobs because they've got nothing worth going home for.

Good luck!

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I participated in the JET Programme about ten years ago.  I know it has changed quite a bit, but some of the basics are still the same.  You need to apply from your home country, though.  In the past they took applications in the fall and granted interviews in the spring.  If you were selected, you went in the summer.  The competition to get in the program has only increased since it started back in the 80s.  That's because the pay was great and the organization and support were outstanding.  They've scaled back the program quite a bit because it was really expensive, and that's why there are other companies providing similar but cheaper positions these days.  I highly recommend it. 

I've considered looking for a job in Japan next year.  The Fukushima/radiation scare might have prompted some English teachers to leave.  The job markets are tough everywhere. 

Getting a job in Korea was nothing compared to getting into the JET Programme.