Tae kwon do recommendations?

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Tae kwon do recommendations?

Hi all,

I'm considering taking a Tae kwon do class.  I currently live in Busan-Saha.  Any recommendations on areas between say Hadan and Nampo-Dong (or throughout Busan for that matter).  Also, any info on places with adult classes, foreigner classes, and "accelerated programs"  If I were truly disciplined, what are quickest routes I could take to improving my level?  Finally, what should I expect in terms of prices--what's the going market rate?



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Re: Tae kwon do recommendations?

Hi Chris,

I can whole heartedly recommend Chayon Ryu. Myself and a bunch of other westerners (and some koreans, usually 10-12 people in total in the class) are taught by Grandmaster Kim Soo every Wednesday and Friday at the YMCA in Busanjin. Its on the 17th floor and starts at 7pm.

The programme was only 50,000 won for two months mixed martial arts training because Kim Soo has recently returned to Korea after spending 40 years in the states teaching his unique approach to Taekwondo, Karate and others, and he wants to reintroduce the old ways to the Korean people. He is an absolute legend. 72 years old, lightning fast, funny and a 10th dan blackbelt in about 4 disciplines. Check him out http://kimsookarate.com/


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Re: Tae kwon do recommendations?


I'm interested in this Tae Kwon Do class. Can you tell me where the YMCA in Busanjin is? I live in Gaegeum, 4 stops west of Seomyeon on the 2 line.



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Re: Tae kwon do recommendations?
No to be contrary, but my advice would be to skip Tae Kwon Do altogether and go with something like boxing, Muay Thai, or Jujitsu.  The sort of Tae Kwon Do that get's taught in a lot of gyms in Korea is more like choreography than martial art.  The other reason would be that boxing, Muay Thai etc... tend to attract a more mature crowd and it's unlikely you'll be attending classes with a load of elementary and  middle school students.  I think Tae Kwon Do is great for overall fitness but one of the other disciplines would be more rewarding.  There's a whole thread devoted to Muay Thai gyms here on Koreabridge if you're interested.
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Re: Tae kwon do recommendations?

I have a Taekwon-Do ITF (the original north korean Taekwon-Do) class running in three areas of Busan. Pukyeong, Jangjeon and Suan.

The Pukyeong place is a dance and yoga studio, and it is very nice, the classes there are in the morning (10am to 11:15am)

the Jangjeon and Suan gyms are run by Asian Kyokushin champion Kim il nam. they are fully equipped and have also weight equipment there. so you can practice ITF Taekwon-Do or Kyokushin Karate.

the Taekwon-Do classes there are in the afternoon (6pm to 7pm) and evening (10pm to 11pm)

The ITF classes are in English and are only for adults.

here is more information.