Study Korean in Busan? Help?


Hi guys!
I would like to study Korean for one year in Busan.
Does anyone have some recommendations?
I could not find any reviews of these schools.
So the main question is which school should I choose, and why?
Kyungsung University - Korean Language Center
Regular Program
Pukyong National University Busan
Korean Language Program
Pusan National University
International Language Institute
Korean Language Program
Pusan University Of Foreign Studies
Korean Language Education Program for Language Learners
Korean Language Institute for Foreigners
Dongseo University
Korean Language Program

Re: Study Korean in Busan? Help?

Are you intending on just studying Korean as a full time student or do you intend to work as well.

I know that at least a couple of those programs are pretty intensive, several hours a day every day, whereas others are once or twice a week.

KLIFF on the other hand is a private institute.

Also depends on where you want to live as they are all in very different places. Although the public transport system here is pretty damn good.

Re: Study Korean in Busan? Help?

Thanks for the quick reply :)

I would like to do a full time program.
The plan is to study Korean on weekdays and travel during the weekends.