Songwon Kindergarten in Yangsan--near Namyangsan Station

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Songwon Kindergarten in Yangsan--near Namyangsan Station


Avoid at all costs...

I've got an F2 visa and I've worked all over Busan, Yangsan, and Daegu, but this is one of the worst places I've worked. The teaching is fairly normal for the first hour or so of their program--run around, teach short classes, sing songs, etc...--but the last two hours you're locked in with 15-20 kids (all under 7, Korean age) with next to nothing to do. Therefore, you're left with all the duties of their regular teacher: wiping butts, drying tears, ending fights... Now, I'm a logic prone individual, and I didn't have much of a problem babysitting and whatnot, but it was extremely trying and mostly miserable. So, there's a good reason to not work there. 


They actually screwed me out of a sizeable portion of my last paycheck. They insisted that I had committed to working on a monthly salary, which is partially accurate, but they felt it was appropriate to pay me as if I was working there every day. Therefore, if my salary is 1.1 million won, then I am being pay around 35,000 won per day. However, I addressed the situation from the beginning, telling the head teacher that I understood my normal working month to be the 8 days I am actually there. So, since I would work 9 days in Nov. and 9 days in Dec but only 7 in Jan. and 7 in Feb, then it would all work out and I would be paid the same amount. Everyone agreed, or so I thought, and then low and behold I quit, even going out of my way to find a new teacher and posting here on Koreabridge, and they sort my pay by more than 420,000 won--that is counting that I wasn't actually paid for any extra days/classes. My wife called and complained; I called and complained; Weeks went by, and I informed them that I would be posting this very thing. 


Save yourself the trouble. Keep your mental health balanced and whatnot, and do not work at SONGWON KINDERGARTEN in YANGSAN.