Softball/baseball and volleyball

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Softball/baseball and volleyball

Hi! Are there any sports teams or leagues for foreigners in Busan? I know it is probably early to be asking this question, but I am very interested in joining a recreational volleyball and softball or baseball league. If you know of any, let me know!

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I too would like to join a

I too would like to join a league for the above and also bowling/pool and so would one of my co-workers

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I would also like to get in on baseball/softball and volleyball.  Let's all keep our ears to the ground

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Sports team or leagues for foreigners


 if you read forum messages of last two weeks, there was basketball team and they play once a week. any how if you make your own league for foreigners its also good and i hope many foreigners will join you.

i am student and i have tried when i was living in hostel but now i am not living in hostel so not have so much internaction with foreigners.

so if you take initiative may be i ll also join you.


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Organized sports in Busan

They exist, but some more ad hoc than others. As the above poster said check the post out about various basketaball games around town.

There is also a soccer league the post is also a few pages back on these forums.

As far as I know there is no baseball / softball league in this town. There is an annual softball tourney for charity that is held in Spring, although the amount of teams participating is already pretty much maxed out. Saying that there is probably some room for individual new blood so PM me if you may be interested and I will find out.

There used to be pool nights on a regular basis, but they got upsruped by the electronics darts craze. OL 55 tries to hold one on Thursdays, but it's dependent on getting people there.

Bowling is huge in this country, if you are a Korean! Lanes are everywhere and you will find teams of Koreans all decked out in their spangly uniforms and wrist protectors. Fun to watch. Not sure if they take new members though since usually they are around middle age and often associated with a company. A Korean friend may help.

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Volleyball at Haeundae beach

Volleyball at Haeundae beach in front of Paradise there when the sun comes out!