Sim card for iPhone 5C

I have a new iPhone 5C with iOS7 and I don't want to use it as a phone now, just to use it basically as an ipod touch. However, in order to open it the first time, there needs to be a SIM in it. Is there any way to just get a SIM without a contract or something? I've been to Uplus, Olleh and whatever compay has the T as their logo. They all seem to say that I need a contract. Help?


Any specific locations in Busan would be helpful, too. Thanks!

Re: Sim card for iPhone 5C

Hi! I doubt that you can get sim-card in Korea without contract, but you can try international roaming sim cards. For example, I use Travelsim when travelling, you just buy it from, insert it into your phone and that's all.

Re: Sim card for iPhone 5C

go to any KT gu building( just naver map KT for locations) you can get a sim card for 9900 won with just a passport