Shipping Valuables Home

Me again - Everyone has been so helpful on here!  I'm wanting to send my jewelry and degree home - Don't think regular mail is the best option...  What would be the best way to do this?  And how?   I've looked at FedEx... For 1kg, priced at $180...

Any ideas?  THANKS AGAIN!

Re: Shipping Valuables Home

I say use Korea Posts recorded delivery system. It works pretty much the same way as Fedex et al do and it's great. I had to send my passport to the British Embassy in Seoul. Went into the post office late Wednesday afternoon, filled in all the paperwork, paid about 10 bucks I think and received a tracking number where I was able to follow online on their English website. And too my surprise and amazement the package was received in Hong Kong the next day, Thursday at 9 a.m!

Their website is here if you want to look into further details

By the way I take no responsibility if anything bad happens to your stuff!