Serentrip App :How do you travel around in Korea?

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Charlotte Kim
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Serentrip App :How do you travel around in Korea?
Hi, guys :)
I am Chatlotte, a Korean traveler.
How do you guys travel around your city in Korea?
As you know, there are many interesting cities in Korea.
Seoul, Busan, Gangneung, Daegu, Andong, Jecheon etc.
I made an an app for travelers, and it must be relly helpful for you.
Basically my app 'serentrip' is for finding nice trip buddy :)
Basic system of 'Serentrip' is like this :
write your travel plan simply,
app 'Serentrip' matches travelers having similar plan with you.
(already more than a MILLION matching succeeded)
But Serentrip is based on Korea,
and lots of Korean travelers using this app.
So if you have a plan to trip in Korea,
just download this app and get some tips from locals! :>
They can help you prepare travel
and if you are lucky, you can find the best local guides for you :)
(of course you can find travelers planning to other countries, like
USA, France, Taiwan, Japan, Germany and so on.)
Meet Korean travelers with app 'Serentrip'
▶ App download  Link
Thanks :>