Seeking suitable VISA from D2

Hello Friends,

I am an Indian and currently holding D2 Visa (expires Sep, 2014), going to graduate February 2014. I am planning to visit my country on February and back to Korea at April 1st week.

I have few doubts and need clarification from experts regarding my VISA for without employment.

1. I heard from my collages, they said once graduation finished (Feb) Visa will be canceled within one month of after graduation (Mar 3rd week).

2. That means before am back my visa will expires?

3. I was googled and found about D10 Visa. I can apply this Visa before graduating (actual graduation is Feb 3rd week). Or what is alternate option to back here?

4. How long it takes time to obtain new VISA?

Many thanks for your help…

Re: Seeking suitable VISA from D2

You can get a 6 month D10 job seeking visa. They will ask for you graduation documents, a recommendation letter from your professor which states that you are a brilliant student and able to find a good job in Korea (at least something like that) and fill a form about what is your plan for job seeking. (a monthly schedule of your stay, stating when you will do what, companies you will apply etc.).

Getting a VISA usually takes 2 week at most. 

I am not sure that you can apply before graduation or not but as far as I know by January you can get a document from school saying that you are to be graduated by Feb which will work I suppose.