Seeking meditation group

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Seeking meditation group

I am new to Busan, working in Seomyeon. I would like to find a weekly meditation group meeting. I'm missing the 1.5 hour guided-meditation format I enjoyed at home.

Any ideas appreciated!

Big John
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Re: Seeking meditation group

As is listed in the FAQ on living in Pusan on PusanWeb, check out the Tongdosa Buddhist mission in Somyeon.

You might try finding a local person to help you find the mission.  When I lived in Korea, including at a temple, I never found out about regular meditation groups where anyone couldsto by and join.

Another idea would be to start your own.  Perhaps even a monk or nun would be willing to help you start one and provide the instruction.  However, finding a monk or nun that speaks good English is a challenge.  Also the schedule might be difficult to arrange.

Beomosa (or Pomosa) might be a good resource if you can't find the Tongdosa mission in Seomyon.  They had a youth program when I was there, so you might be able to jon them at their regular scheduled time.

Good Luck and let me know how it goes!

-John Malcomson


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Re: Seeking meditation group



I think that there is a good place to do that in Pusan city. As a volunteer 4 years ago at the place I recommand you " Hongbeupsa temple at Nopodong " for you. There are lots of interesting events and activities for foreigners. Most of all there is foreign monk at the temple. Of course he can speak English well. Regularly he make a English Dharma Talk. Also you can enjoy and learn lots of Korean traditional cultures. If you need more information about that. Refer this web site or send me email anytime. ( " " )