Scam alert: Cheap Flight Air

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Scam alert: Cheap Flight Air

Scam alert: Cheap Flight Air. They take orders then falsely inform customers of a booking confirmation and request payment. Though a range of options is given on their website (through link in the confirmation email message), the only option that is available is bank wire transfer. The money goes through but no airline ticket is actually purchased, despite the provision of an itinary and locator and ticket numbers. Cases of fraud in the name of this company with individual names such as the one below are being reported by whistleblowers on the internet such as Scam warners and Scambook. Scams have occurred when people have tried to book flights with Alitalia and other airlines.

Email signature: 

Best regards,
John Murphy
Sales Manager
Cheap Flight Air
+48 22 208 4206(Warsaw, Poland)
+45 36 981 272(Istanbul, Turkey)
[email protected]

Sample fraudulent bank info (the bank might be in Turkey or Czech Rep): 

Please note that you are sending the funds to our main office in Czech Republic. Inter Credo, the beneficiary of the transfer, is a member of the Inter Credo Travel Group and owner of the Cheap Flight Air brand. 

Recipient name: Inter Credo
Recipient address: Pobrezni 1, 18600, Prague, Czech Republic
Bank: Unicredit Bank Czech Republic
Recipient Bank address: Zeletavska 1525/1, Prague, 14092, Czech Republic
Account (IBAN): CZ2527000000002110074683