Hi all,  My name is Kate.

Just want you to be aware of what I think is a scam.  I posted a vehicle for sale here and got a message in my e-mail:

> tylergoshawk666 sent a message using the contact form at
> I'm tyler,I want to purchase your 1997 KIA Sportage and I will like to know
> if it's still up for sale and what is the final asking price,I will like to
> pay using PayPal,After payments has been made,I will arrange for the
> pick-up and will you let my courier agent to come to you house for the pick
> up?Because i don't want you to worry yourself about the shipment,Kindly get
> back with more pictures.
> Regards.


Re: Scam

I believe you are correct. After a bit of research, it appears this is a scammer.  His name came up here, along with a good preventive warning about what to watch out for. 

Thanks for reporting this.  Anytime you or other users suspect someone of fraudulent activity on Koreabridge, please contact me right away at [email protected]