Riot in Vancouver

I have a question about this accident as the post name.

I know that there are lots of Canadian here in Korea. Can I get some information and opinions about this situation without any hesitation? As a normal Korean it was so shocking and disappointed by those.

Thanks for your opinion in advance.

(Not a normal opinion, such as Canadian are human being same as another nation people. I expect that real reasons, Please.)

Re: Riot in Vancouver

I've lived in Vancouver for most of my life. The 2011 riots were an embarrassment to Vancouver. The police and government should have been better prepared. The same thing happened after the 1994 Stanley Cup and the 2002 Guns N' Roses concert. More public events should have been organized outside of the downtown Vancouver area. The police blame alcohol, drugs, organized criminals and anarchists for starting the riots within the peaceful crowd. There should have been more surveillance cameras and police officers to catch these people.




Re: Riot in Vancouver

Thanks for your relay, greg. 

As an experienced person When an principle and a rule was broken first it is easy to  be repeated again. So If you love your Canada and Vancouver sometimes it need a strong reaction for some crimes. For instance a fine of money, a prison labor, etc. Of course the generosity is very important every cases. But when I look at their recorded faces on the news that is useless for them. They crossed the limitted line in my opinion. Some woman shouted aloud " This is our city, Stop, Please." But it countinued without any hesitation. Broken, stolen. Are they really the next young generation of Canada? It is so sad.

Well in my thinking in the world there are lots of people lined up who really want to live in Canada instead of them if there is an chance for the people.

With an heartbreaking feeling I wrote this article. If someone is not satisified with my writing, Attach the reply in this board anytime.

I hope that It was just an mistake of a small group of young people, not whole.

The only thing I can do right now just to say "God bless Canada and vancouver."