Relaxed but cultured place to live?

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Relaxed but cultured place to live?

Hi everyone,

I am currently getting my ducks in a line to teach. I am taking a TEFL course and need to let my program know where I would like to teach in order for them to hook me up with appropriate recruiters. I am a recent graduate from university and am living in Ohio, US. I have some friends outside of Seoul, but am considering perhaps Daegu or Busan (any other city recommendations would be helpful, too).

I am a pretty laid back but social person. I like the idea of a bigger city with a small-town feel. I like hiking and good bars/social life equally. I would like a place that  has a lot of culture and friendly vibes.

Any insight would be helpful. I t is kind of hard to decide from all the information on the web.

Thanks for your time,


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Re: Relaxed but cultured place to live?

Regarding the pairing of hiking with social life, you can happily hike anywhere.  I had some of my best hiking on Kwanak Mountain in southern Seoul.  The trail started fifteen minutes walk from Sadang Subway station and the surroundings felt very natural.

Its good that you are doing some research and preparing yourself for life in Korea  but you are likely to be fine anywhere.