recruiter near PNU

Hi everyone,

When I was last in Pusan, there was a reputable recruiter in the Pusan National University area. She had an office with many clients and was well thought of by many foreign teachers. I just can't remember the name! This goes back to 2005 and earlier.

Do you remember who I am referring to? I would like to do business with her again.



Re: recruiter near PNU

I'm pretty sure I know the person you're referring to. I can PM you her contact info if you're still interested.

Re: recruiter near PNU

I think the company you are talking about was called Kim and Joe's and they had an office near Busan Dae but I'mnot sure if they are still in Business.

Re: recruiter near PNU

Isn't the name S--, G----- Snaps? Or do you mean Mi---- , D--? Or, even Charlie Delta India. Hmmm, aren't they all so good, great? There's something a little unusual in this post .Why a private PM? Strange,  if the location is known and the recruiter is already on KB. Surely , the OP would have these details if they were so great. You know, like on an email.