Question for Xbox 360 "experts" in Busan...

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Question for Xbox 360 "experts" in Busan...

Quite a while ago, a friend of mine had taken me to a kind of Xbox "bone yard/repair/modding" shop.  The shop was definitely in either Yangjeon or Yeonsan.  The guys at this shop specialize in repair and modification, and it's also a massive scrap heap of old XBox parts.  You'd go in, they'd have two workbenches set up, and you could get a repair or mod done for cheap.  They told me that they provide service to a LOT of military/naval guys and what not.

Anyway, the reason why I'm posting is because, while I remember the look of the shop quite vividly...I can't seem to remember the exact location.  I know it was just off of Seomyeon on line #1, and I know that it was either Yangjeon or Yeonsan.

I want to know if anyone here knows the shop I'm talking about, and if they could direct me to its exact location.  My xbox got the "Red Ring of Death" and I'm looking to get it fixed.


P.S. Just call me if you know the shop I'm talking about, and know exactly where it is.

010 7570 2955