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I'm looking for English speaking Woman gynecologist in the Busan area.

The one I found moved away, and no one can tell me where!


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There's a great female gyno in Namcheon-dong. She speaks English very well and has lots of foreign female patients.

Namcheon subway, exit 1. At the exit, find the Busan Bank (5 steps from the exit). Her clinic is above the bank. 

Dr. Moon 051-622-2620

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Dr.  Moon moved to a hospital so her clinic is now closed.  There is another clinic across the street called  Elle (엘르 산부인과.)  The doctor speaks English with no difficulty, and she's really nice!  

It's directly above Namcheon station exit 4, on the second floor of a building with a few other clinics.  Look for the pretty black and pink sign.  

The number is 051-626-8090, but she takes walk-ins. 

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There is also one at the Moonwha woman's hospital. They have an receptionist in the lobby that walks you through the entire process to see the Doctor. 

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do you happen to have a phone number? I tried to see if they had a website, but I couldn't find one.

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My Student's father is a gynecologist. I don't know much about his office, but I do know he is a traveling professor and has taught and practiced gynecology in America. He speaks excellent English. If you like I can send his wife a text and get his info. Let me know.

[email protected]

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I go to a male OBGYN at Dong Eui Hospital (Dong Eui Medical center) in Yangjeong.  He is very professional, can speak pretty good english..and he knows what he's talking about.  I would say steer towards a bigger hospital with english capabilities and stay away from smaller clinics.  Before choosing a bigger hospital,  I was going to a smaller clinic near my school and getting misdiagnosed and overmedicated and even ended up having a miscarriage because the doctor kept injecting me with unnecessary hormones and antibiotics.  I have been to a total of three obgyns and Dong Eui Byeong Won is definitely the best by a long haul.

 At Dong Eui, there is a woman named Nurse Lee who you call and make an appt with.  Then she meets you when you get to the hospital, asks you all of your symptoms, what you need done, etc.  She will go through the whole doctor's visits with you and relay any confusion/communication blips between you and the doctor even though his english is very good he likes to talk in Korean to the nurse still to make sure that everything is covered .  Nurse Lee is very good at making sure you get all of your questions answered.  I know sometimes I go in and get so nervous I forget what I wanted to say.  She will write things down and make sure that you leave the hospital feeling like you had a really satisfactory visit.  Plus, if you're in the wrong department(for example,you thought you had female issues but it was really your stomach or any other thing, you can always get redirected to another department in the same hospital.  It's very convenient.  Oh yeah, plus if you need non school hours, you can go on Saturday mornings.  (It helps if you don't want to tell your school why you're going to an OBGYN).  Nurse Lee's number at the hospital is 010-9457-8941.  Hope this helps:)  Have a good day:)

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Hello,  I am  nurse lee whom holzinkorea mentioned above.

I understand how challenging for you to be in a foreign hospital.

I do my best to help you with  your medical concerns.

Plus, Dr. Moon is an excellent and caring OBGYN and we have a woman OBGYN, Dr. Gil  as well.

Please feel free to contact me at 010-9457-8941 if you need any medical help.

Thank you.

nurse lee.