question!! - foreigner product preferences

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question!! - foreigner product preferences

1. What kind of products do foreign people want that they are hard to get in Korea?


2. What kind of Korean products do foreign people like?


If you have any ideas, please comment!


Thank you!


* Thank you for the comments but not food..........:(

My friend will open a website to sell some products between Korea and America.

So, please comment proper products to be delivered internationaly.

Deodorant and toothpast are good! Anything else?

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Re: question!! - foreigner product preferences

Deodorant, toothpaste, turkey, veggie burgers, chicken pot pie, seedless grapes, whole grain bread/pasta, affordable milk, peanut butter, and cheese. 

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Re: question!! - foreigner product preferences

Cheeses, sour cream, cheese, refried beans and more cheese.

Did I mention cheese? The thing is I don't buy nor do any of my friends buy the fancy cheeses that I can't pronounce.I got friends in low places you know!!

I do though go out of my way once a month(not on a weekend) and drive to Busan to get the standard cheddar cheese that is $10 a brick at Costco, that and perhaps the Finnish cheese that comes in slices but it doesn't taste like sliced cheese and yes, while i'm there I will pick up a few loaves of rye-ish(?) or whole wheat breads, they can go in the freezer as well.


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Re: question!! - foreigner product preferences
In my opinion there isn't that much that isn't available here now, although sometimes you have to know where to find it, or it's of an inferior quality or at an exorbitant price compared to back home.
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Re: question!! - foreigner product preferences

Yes, it's not that hard to get most stuff here these days. Food can be a problem, but you're not interested in food, so...

maybe deodorant/antiperspirant, western-sized and proportioned clothes.

Sorry, but I think your buddy missed the boat on making a service for hard to find items for foreigners. Internet shopping and COSTCO (for food) have changed everything.

The combo of gmarket, interpark and kyobo books (online), amazon international, and Costco has made me very happy and content.

BTW: I love Korean toothpaste. (Clinx FTW!)

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Re: question!! - foreigner product preferences

You can buy deodorant, toothpaste, oatmeal... on line these days. I get everything I need on line Even Homeplus now is selling more and more foreign products and of course COSTCO is here so...

And would this even be legal or is it an under the table sort of thing (nothing against that by the way)? Korea has a very closed economy and any foreign goods (companies) coming in have to pay heavy taxes and of course be allowed by the Korean government. You just cant start an export biz to Korea and sell whatever products you want here. Buyer beware as packages could easily be stopped and confiscated. I had one package not delivered (confiscated) because it had things in it you could not buy here-and it was just a big bag of sour candies from my mom. Things have changed here. Back in 2003 you could send anything but now, you cant even send liquids in the mail or UPS for example. Bottles of booze and so on are all banned. I tried to send a bottle home for my parents and no place would deliver it for me. Crazy!

I think the other poster said it when he said you have missed the boat. Things we need are pretty accessible to us now and regulations has made it harder to ship other products. Good luck, though.

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Re: question!! - foreigner product preferences

Yes, the "lean" years of the past are pretty much gone.  Between Texas Street, Kukje Market, Ebay, Amazon, Gmarket, the Sasang Asia Markets, Costco, the Namcheon Mega Mart, etc., I can get just about anything I need either online or in town.

I'd be interested in lasagna noodles that didn't cost 9,000 won a box as they do now.  Home Plus raised the price of theirs about 100% in  the past few years.  Bulk oregano.  Leg of lamb.