Question about visa for India!

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Question about visa for India!

Hi all-

I'm traveling to India in August and am trying to figure out the visa process.  I'm American and live in Busan.  I'll be traveling there for 2 months. It's unclear to me whether the visa is issued for 3 months or 6 months, and if only three months, does it expire 3 months from the ISSUE date?  I will leave Busan on July 19th but not get to India until August 12th (traveling elsewhere first).  So do I need to crunch two visits to Seoul in my last week in Busan or can I send it in the mail and not be as stressed out?

Thanks for any advice and help!!!


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Re: Question about visa for India!

Hi Jean,

I think this link can help you.

There is one option in which u can also sent your request by post which is quite normal. As you can see in above link tourist visa is issued for 6 months but your maximum stay will be only 3 months. So my guess your maximum staying period (3months) will start once u enter into India, not from when your visa start.

But still for confirmation you should call and confirm from embassy of India in Seoul.  

Thanks I hope it can help you.