Propecia in Busan

Anyone know a hair clinic or the like that would be able to prescribe Propecia to a sad man trying to fight off the inevitability of aging? Preferably in the Kyungsung/Gwangan area?

Thanks in advance... and yes, I know it probably wouldn't look all that bad if I just shaved it all off and accepted it. Give me a few more years of golden locks, please.

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I know a lot of Korean females suffer from thinning and loss of hair so I figured there must be a demand for hair clinics. However I didn't know the Korean words so just typed phonetically 헤어 클리닉 부산 into Naver Maps and came up with a buch of hits, including a few nearish Kyungsung.

I also did the same query into Naver and came up with these two websites with office in Busan

Can' testify to either. Luckily I got the hair on my mother's side of the family! (sorry couldn't resist that!)

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You can go to any general practitioner or dermatologist and tell them that you want a prescription.  Shouldn't be a problem.  It is also substantially cheaper here in Korean than in the U.S. 

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Sorry to tell you this but I also considered buying propecia, however I was put off because Finastride the active ingredient causes irreversible erectile dysfunction. You might want to read up about it before popping them pills!

Minoxidil (Over the counter medication) or Hair transplant if you can afford it (Choose FUE)

Best of luck


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I have been to a very good skin doctor  many times in Dushil . That is 3 stops past  PNU heading toward Bomosa . Go to exit no 5  its on the 3 rd floor above Busan Bank . His name is Dr Kim . He can speak English . I have went to him for skin issues and laser issues . However I am sure that he also handles hair issues .

    Hours are Mon   Tues   Wed  Fri    9 30 to 1 pm

                                                           2 to 6 pm

     Thurs                                              2 to 6

   SAt                                                   930 to 1 pm

                                                             2 to 5 pm