Premier League footy

Anyone know anywhere good to watch football at the weekend in the Haeundae area? I managed to watch a match in Thursday party but it wasn't the best atmosphere for it.

That's something I'd like to

That's something I'd like to know too. Most likely as the Premiership is growing exponentially these days. Used to watch it at O'brien's at Gaya since I lived near the Nampodong area. Heard Craig left the business. Anybody still go there?

I know it's on in Rock n'

I know it's on in Rock n' Roll Haeundae but it's a bit shit once the DJ comes in and the lights start. Has to be somewhere better...

my i've learned

my i've learned to do...find a quiet everyday place. i go to the local makgulli joint, and ask them to turn the tv on to SBS Sports. they never say no. go in with a couple friends and have food, beers, whatever.