Please Help: Short Survey on'Social Recognition of Abandoned dogs'

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Junhyun Lee
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Please Help: Short Survey on'Social Recognition of Abandoned dogs'

Hello ladies and gentlemen. I'm a member of 'Jedori', a research team in DFLHS(DAEWON FOREIGN LANGUAGE HIGH SCHOOL) that advocates animal rights and their freedom.

While we were writing a report about 'Social recognition of Abandoned dogs',

we found out that our research paper would turn out better if we ask these survey

questions to the foreigners and compare the results with Korean, so that we can

learn from them.

I tried my best to find foreigners by person to person, but it's really hard to find them

in Korea. And that's why I'm posting this survey in this page.

There are 15 questions in total.

It might take a few seconds to go over the survey.

Again, sorry to bother you but I really appreciate your interest, and I believe your

help would our research more complete.

Thank you very much.

When you click the link above, you can directly move to survey sheet.

After you finish survey, please click 'send form' or '보내기'.

The result will automatically send to the email of surveyer.

this survey is done through anonymity, so don't worry.

Even though it's just about writing a research paper,

I really hope we can make a change concerning the issues of abandoned dogs in Korea.


Again, Thank you very much.