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''Teaching little kids in Geoje Island!!!!!!!It is very prestigious kids program in Korea and they are looking for a teacher who is good at with younger kids. '''s a kids hogwan and with hours like that when would you see this beautiful island?

Man, I wish people would give more information in regards to the actual jobs instead of trying to steroid it up with distractions. I mean what do apples and fashion have to do with teaching in Daegu?  nothing.

We need to know much money base, how much for overtime, show me picks of the apt., is it shared? if so...I want a stipend instead and something current (400,000+w). I'm not 18 and in college anymore. How much vacation? Do I pick my vacation or do you let me go the last two weeks of my contract? I want airfare home, just because I'm here doesn't mean you get a freebie. Do you offer a relocation allowance? my shit doesn't move for free neither will I.  

These are some of the things you need to know; not 'we have a famous fish market'. Please.....