Phone cards to call home to U.S,

I live in Seomyeon and was wondering if there is anywhere close to buy phone cards to U.S.  I don't have the energy to walk out to Asia Mart in Sasang today.  Is there any place closer?  I have seen the phone card places on Texas Street, but I REALLY don't wanna go there:)hehehhe  (I'm a scared little white girl:))hehehhe

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Are you calling from a payphone or cell phone?
Just Dial...1688-5959
-after you hear the korean voice...dial the code first.
It's practically free. You'll just use your minutes on your phone. If it's a payphone....regular rates. No international rates. It's awesome.

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I'm a moderator here.  "dolon88" does not appear to be from Ontario, Canada or from Ontario, California.  On the other hand, the original question was for phone cards so this reply fits the content.  I am less worried about bbatu448 as he/she has been a member for around a year.


Anyway, be careful following any of these links.

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The web site I mentioned offers many calling cards with access number in Korea. I use Red Cross calling card from this web site to call Canada and USA with 00308131850 access number in Korea. I choose Red Crosse because part of the proceeding is used to make a donation to Red Cross.

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You should never have to pay money to make a call home.  

Check out  I had it set up before I came here, so you might run into some problems trying to set it up here.  If so, just ask someone at home to do it for you.  It's completely free and 100% reliable.  I use it for all my phone calls back home!  The folks, the bank, the student loan people.  I also use it to text my friends and family back home for free.  It's pretty nice.^^

Also, if you haven't already hopped on the Hangout train, look into Google Hangouts.  My wife is currently visiting family in the States and we've been able to Hangout (video chat) from our computers or phones with flawless quality.  Unlike Google voice, though, the person you're hanging out with has to have a google+ account.  

Hope that's helpful for your future calls and texts!