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I'm intending to fly to America with my dog sometime late this year - has anyone done this or got some information-

Especially, I'll need a dog crate approved by airlines - anyone know where I can get one- I'm in Busan at mo but obviously I'll be flying from Incheon - it's better to get the crate sooner, though, so my dog can get used to sitting inside (while I make aircraft noises). She's 20 kg - like a whippet size and shape...


cheers for any info

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apparently you can get them on, but you'll need a Korean-speaking friend to navigate through the site to pay, and will need to wire the money to the sellers

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Its very easy to pay via credit card on the english site in Gmarket. As long as your credit card is foreign you can use it if you have registered using your ARC card.

We bought a airline crate for a 20 k dog at a  pet store in Jangsan. It was quite expensive but we wanted to make sure our dog would fit in it. The price was 140k and it was airline approved.

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I have an extra medium-sized dog crate for s.ale.  Its unused and in the box the airline shipped it in. It was for my friend's dog's flight to Canada. I'm trying to sell it. I'm hoping to get 120,000 won obo for it. Let me know if you're interested.  Email [email protected] 

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Hi, thanks for your replies...

I'm interested in your dog crate, I sent you an email today....

I don't have any registration in South Korea (I'm passing through) so I doubt if I can use any internet stores here...

I'm really having problems getting through to AirCanada to ask about any cold weather embargo they have for travelling pets - has anyone experience regarding this?