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Pet Sitting

Hi I am living in Busan and am interested to see if anyone knows of a good, clean and reputable pet sitter for my 2 cats.  I travel often, and would need someone to watch my cats while I am away.  I am not sure if there are any pet hotels or boarding facilities in Busan that would be a good place to leave cats.  Any comments would be welcome.  Thanks!

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I heard there's a lot of pet

I heard there's a lot of pet hotels around but they are pretty expensive especially if you'll be away a long time. I would love to take care of cats temporarily but my hubby won't allow it. goodluck with your search!

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Pet hotels are expensive

Pet hotels are expensive (8-15 bucks a night)and as you probably already know Koreans view cats very differently to dogs, so I can't even recall ever seeing cats at a pet hotel.

Worst case scenario is leaving them at home and getting a friend to pop around every other day to feed them and change the litter. Not ideal I know, but cats are a lot less needy than dogs.

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I have the same issue quite

I have the same issue quite often.  I joined "Pet Sitting Network-Busan, Korea.  In this group, you can request a sitter, or there's information on the best places to leave your pets.  Hope that helps!!/group.php?gid=10860558859&ref=ts

Vet Dr.Kim
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Marinecity animal hospital, haeundae


This is Dr.Kim in MarineCity animal hospital, haeundae,Busan which will open in April.

We do all the services about pets such as pet boarding, pet grooming, total medical services and pet trip to overseas.

We have good cat boarding place.

If you need some place to board your cat, you may contact me anytime.

Thank you

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cat sitting

hi dr kim,

would my cat be kept in a cage for the duration of their stay or would he have access to a room or somewhere to run around?

also how much is it per week as i will go away for 3 weeks.



Vet Dr.Kim
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reply for runningfree

Hello. runningfree...

Sorry for late reply. I didn't know you posted your message here.

There is a room for your cat's roaming around in my hospital boarding facility.

I can send some picture of my hospital's cat boarding facility if you want. ^^

However, it will be better for you to visit and take a look at the place where your cat will be before you decide. ^^

Could you please contact ([email protected] or 010-4386-8800) and visit me?

Let's discuss about the price in person as well.

I may give you some discount since your cat will be boarded for a long time.

Best regards

Dr. Kim