Pension questions

I work for an English company that takes roughly 4.5% out of my salary for pension and matches it.

If I had to leave SKorea before my 1 year contact ended, would I still receive the full amount? Or are there funky laws that deal with this? Any help is appreciated!

Re: Pension questions

You get the full amount contributed toward your pension back no matter if you work 1 month or 100 months.

It's the severance that you don't get if you work less than a full 12 months.

Re: Pension questions

Depends on your nationality. If you are British, you get nothing back. (Or that used to be the case and I haven't heard anything to the contrary). However I have heard that you can get it paid in to National Insurance scheme in the UK or a private pension plan. No idea how to do it.

If you are not British. No problems.