Pension Office

Can anyone tell me where the pension office is located in Busan?

Pension Office

Kyungsung University Subway Station Exit 2. Maybe floor 7 or 8. Just look for the NPS sign. Simple and easy to apply for your refund if that's what you are doing. You'll need your passport, ARC, E-ticket for a flight out of the country and a copy of a check if you want it deposited into your home bank account. Good luck.

Re: Pension Office

Do you happen to know the hours of the Pension Office in KSU subway station?

Cheque or Check

I had all my information from my bank and they said they would not be able to deposit the funds without a copy of the cheque. Luckily, I had a cheque so they took a copy of it. Other wise they will mail you a cheque of some sort to your home-country address.

I have no cheque as it is not

I have no cheque as it is not a chequeing account.  I'm not sure that I understood you correctly.  When you say 'my bank' do you mean 'my bank' here or at home?  I want a wire deposit.  Do you think that that is allowable?.   

Copy of Bank Book or Cheque...

I was told they needed a copy of a cheque or a copy of a bank book. Well, we don't have bank books in the USA so I gave her a cheque to copy. Basically, just having all the info for a wire transfer will not work, they need something "official" from your bank back home to do a wire transfer. If this documentation (bank book or cheque) is unavailable then they will not be able to do a wire transfer to your account and will mail you a refund cheque.

Okay, as long as they will

Okay, as long as they will mail me a cheque, that's okay.  As I have not been back to Canada for eight years now all I have to do is find a mailing address.

Thanks a million toodies!

good luck

8 years is a long time. Good luck in Kanuckistan.

lee bum suk, I thought you

lee bum suk, I thought you were in jail in the Pacific Northwest for some obscure traffic violation.

check and another question

4 years ago when I was here and got my pension back, I didn't need a check. They were able to do it with only the bank info.  Is this a new rule?  I don't have any checks either.  As well, how does that work if they send you a check to Canada or the US?  Normally banks there cannot process checks from other countries.  In fact, I don't know any banks in the world that take checks from other countries.  Has anyone tried receiving their pension check in their home country?

2nd question... Can you get your pension back if you haven't been in Korea for a full year?  I'm not on an ESL visa this time and my contract finishes after 8 months.  Does that matter for getting back the pension?

Re: Pension Office

I have an emergency situation back home and I have to leave Korea literally tomorrow. I will not have time to go to the pension office. Here is my question:
Will I be able to do a claim from abroad? Will they understand my situation if I send them all my documentation or somebody goes in by behalf?