paypal scams -if you have something for sale

Sellers beware- I had something for sale and got a couple of responses that were scams.
One was a woman claiming to represent an international company who she claimed hired her as a buyer and said she would be sending her son for the purchase.

The other was a paypal scam. A man insisted on paying by paypal and wanted me to sign up. He said he was a marine engineer on a ship and wanted to give his brother a surprise birthday gift. He was going to pay me more than I was asking. I googled part of his letter which was almost identical to this posted scam:

Watch out for this information:
His name on the e-mail is Mathew Visent and his e-mail address is:[email protected]
After I told him I don't have paypal and can not get it here, he wanted to wire me the money.  That is the second way to carry out the scam.
In both cases I insisted on cash and haven't heard back from either of them. Please be cautious. I have posted this only to serve as a precaution to sellers and buyers.

Beware of Scams

 Thanks very much for posting this.  I have added a 'Beware of Scams' block to classified pages. I spend a lot of time trying to block spammers who register here, but it's impossible to prevent scammers from responding to ads. If anyone else encounters this kind of activity or receives suspicious messages from registered users, please post the information here or contact us

Scammers being scammed- love it

I see some of the stuff you people sell on here.Used bathroon slippers, etc.Overpriced items in many cases, wot comes around comes around.