pasta in kyungsung... suggestions?

i've been craving a nice bowl of pasta lately and since pasta factory closed in kyungsung, i'm not sure where else to go!

any suggestions? thanks!

Re: pasta in kyungsung... suggestions?

Try Pasta Vanita.  I think that's the best you're likely to get (anyone else with a suggestion, please chime in!).  Alas, NOTHING will replace the dark void that was left by the departure of Pasta Factory.

*Sigh* Anyway, getting back to Pasta Vanita.  Place is quite fancy, prices are a notch or two above what Pasta Factory was offering (it was easily the most reasonably priced Italian pasta joint I've ever been to).  Good place to bring a date, got a romantic vibe.

I've only been there once, and my mistake was ordering a pasta entree that was far too spicy,  but I'm willing to give it another shot because the menu looked decent.

Easy to find.  If you're standing at the main intersection in Kyungsung, it's on the same side as the McDonalds, right on the corner.  Just look up and you'll see it on the second floor, big sign.  Walk up a bit as if you're going towards the McDonald's, but you're looking for the entrance to the building on the left.  Elevator goes up, elevator goes down (but you want to go up).

It might be easy to walk into the wrong entrance, because there are two of them, but just remember that it's right before the McDonald's building and before that little girlie knickknack shop.

I hope I've given you adequate directions.  Like I said, though, you can't miss this place.

Re: pasta in kyungsung... suggestions?

P.S. I'm really trying to get over the fact that Pasta Factory is no longer here.  It's truly painful having to try and move on to another pasta joint.

Pasta Vanita is decent enough for a fix, but it pales in comparison to what Pasta Factory was.  The quality of service, the food prices, and just the classics like the delicious chicken rosy...all of that is missing from this place.

You even have to pay for extra bread at Pasta Vanita, and that stuff is LAME compared to the foccacia you would get for free as a service at PF.

God dammit, this thread suddenly has me feeling down.

Re: pasta in kyungsung... suggestions?

Haha, chin up SC. I wish I'd tried Pasta Factory before it closed now.

I tried Pasta Vanita last week, and it was pretty good, if a few chunnas more expensive than other places. The whole menu is a bit more Italian rather than American style, so it's worth a try.

Ksung's Thursday Party restaurant also has a few pasta dishes, of which, I am quite partial to their chicken carbonara.

Where ever you may seek your pasta, just keep an eye out to avoid anything that might have seafood or chili sauce in it, for thoust art an abominations unto good taste.

Re: pasta in kyungsung... suggestions?

Is there a Pastario in that area?  I tried the one in Seomyeon Migliore, and it was excellent for the Cajun chicken creamy pasta.  If not, I suggest making some at home.  You can buy Barilla at the grocery store these days...and if you like alfredo sauce like me, just mix cream, butter, black pepper and grilled chicken, ( and broccoli if that's your thing) and viola!!!:):):)

Re: pasta in kyungsung... suggestions?

Not in Kyungsung--Seomyeon, actually--and the place is called San Marco.  It's at the end of the street where Starbucks, TGIF, and Bennigan's are, just under the "Florian" salad bar buffet.   They ruin a complimentary plate of perfectly good bruschetta bread by adding some kind of donut sugar glaze to it, but their pastas and pizzas are very good.  On par with Pasta Factory.  I'm not a foreigner with faulty taste buds like 95% of the dolts here, who didn't know how to boil water before they arrived in Korea.  Give it a try.