Pasta Factory Kyungsung- MIA?

Does anyone know where jacky and his lovely restaurant have gone? i heard that he moved out of the spot in kyungsung because the rent was raised. now theres a sushi place there....


where's JACKY and his delicious and well priced focacia bread and pasta?! anybody.....?

Re: Pasta Factory Kyungsung- MIA?

That sushi place is absolutely HORRIBLE.  Fusion food at its nastiest.  Just, FYI.

Yeah, I posted the lengthy story in that Pasta Factory Closed? thread, and others have contributed to it as well so read over it thoroughly.

I am desperately missing Pasta Factory, with their seemingly under priced, absolutely delicious pasta plates, and the warm atmosphere.  While I am holding on to the hope that Jacky will return and re-open P.F., for the time being my Euro-Canadian wife and I have found a place in Jangsan that has managed to sate our appetite for REAL, AUTHENTIC Italian food (none of that fusion crap).

It's called OVO, and it's one door over from the corner Jangsan Starbucks (to the right of the Starbuck's entrance).

I can HIGHLY recommend this place, despite the prices being a bit steep (not Pasta Factory affordable, but worth it).

They've got a serious thing going with this amazing Italian food, so try it out sometime.