Open Water Diving Certification

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Open Water Diving Certification

Hey guys 

just wondering if anyone knows a good dive master in busan that I could get my open water diving certification from.....

if not in busan im totally willing to travel within korean to get it....english instruction is a must


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Re: Open Water Diving Certification

I happen to be a good "Dive Master", but a Dive Master can not help you.  You need an instructor.  Instructor is one level above Dive Master.  I suggest you go to .  I see there are a few PADI dive centers here in Busan.  I would guess one or more of them can help you.

Good luck

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Re: Open Water Diving Certification

Hi Dinno,

My friend is doing some instructing out here in Busan. He does courses in either English or Spanish and is fully accredited and very experienced!

Contact me via email and I'll send you his details.

[email protected]

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Re: Open Water Diving Certification
There is a guy in Korea who is on some of the boards. His username is Diver. I would recommend him.
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Re: Open Water Diving Certification
There is a group on facebook known as 'Busan Scuba' who are always offering dive trips for fun and different certification.  I know they teach in English too...
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Re: Open Water Diving Certification

Hi there, Contact Michael Jones, P.A.D.I. Dive Instructor, Mobile No.010 5655 4096, his mail is [email protected], or web site

Web site has loads of dive info / contacts in Korea.

He is also a good contact if you wish to dive/ feed the sharks in Busan Aquarium, as he is the dive consultant for the aquarium. 

Have a bend free day!!!

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Re: Open Water Diving Certification

Hey there

There is only 1 English speaking SCUBA instructor based in Busan actively teaching SCUBA he is called Drew, contact him on [email protected]

Mike only really does the aquarium dives

Have fun