Online Social Networks in Korea - The right approach ?

Hello there!

I'm a man living in HC Andersens Denmark and being half Danish and half Faroese it means my other half hails from the Saga filled waters of the North Atlantic so already there you have an interesting mixture.

During the day I'm working as a Network Administrator. But after work at night things change :)

You see I harbour a genuine passion for the creative process, writing, painting, modelling creating computer games and software... I guess you name it and I am involved in some way or another in some creative project :).

I'm posting this because I hope some of you might be able to offer me some unique perspective "Korea wise".

You see I am in the process of having one of my childrens stories translated into Korean.

I have written a couple of childrens stories and they are currently available in English, Chinese and Faroese language and since I have friends in Korea I decided to add Korean to the list.

However as I am giving away my stories for free for reasons that will be explained, you can imagine it is no easy task I have set in front of myself.

I was thinking maybe you could offer me a Korean perspective to my efforts and maybe tell me how to best spread the news on Korean social media about my project or maybe help me do this as I am uncertain if I have taken the right path. I'm thinking advertisements on some social networks, my problem is I have to do this on a shoe string budget.

What I am trying to accomplish is to get ordinary Korean Netizens to participate in the Crowdfunding of the  translation of "The Story of a Lonely Girl" so that the story can be enjoyed by Korean children.

You can see my attempt at creating a crowdfunding page here: - where you can read about the venture.

I am doing this for multiple reasons, as I if successful would get the funds to cover the work already started and be able to translate more of my stories into Korean and harbour toughts of other similar creative ventures involving crowd funding as well.

There is another reason that I am trying to translate and give away my stories in different languages, and that is that I am trying to create awareness about Aphasia, MS, ALS, Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities and point to upcoming free software for these groups that is being given away by The Global Ability Initiative, as open source software aimed at freely helping people in these groups.

I invite you to take a look at the crowdfunding page and tell me if you have ideas on how to promote my project, or maybe even help me to promote the project on Korean Social media as I do not posess Korean language skills myself but have to rely on natives and friends to assist me.

So if you think you can offer me a perspective on Korea / or offer me assistance in Korea, or if you know someone who does ? - Then please feel free to contact me through this contact form, or have them contact me at:

I might even be able to offer some sort of comission paid position to the right person according to something akin to this:

I really hope to hear from you and appreciate you taking the time to read this.

And if you want to see what else I am doing (I am engaged in a lot of creative efforts) then visit

You may find all my writings under the folowing page

I hope that while this is a very personal topic for me that you will find it interesting and would be willing to share your experience with similar efforts so that everyone can benefit from this topic.

Have a fantastic day!!!

Kind Regards

Einar Petersen, Copenhagen, Denmark


Re: Online Social Networks in Korea - The right approach ?

Hey everyone out there - Thanks to all of you who have read the piece so far.

Please do not be afraid of commenting and offering your opinion, as I can see many of you are reading the post.

I really need your feedback and support to make my childrens tories available to Korean children and to hear your thoughts on how I am trying to accomplish this.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Oh and if you by the way write about this on your own social networks in order to help me achieve my goal, then please let me know about it and possibly throw a link in this post so I can follow what is happening.


Einar Petersen

Re: On the Road to Success

Hello all and welcome.

I am happy to say that the crowdfunding campaign is beginning to draw attention from Koreans, as well as from an upcoming American movie director as well, this is  something that makes me very proud and happy.

I would greatly appreciate any comments you may have on the campaign page as I'd like to know what you think about it.

I'd like to extend my thanks to those of you that have already told your friends about my campaign.

I really look forward to release my free childrens stories in Korean soon.

The campaign page can be found at:

There you can read about the venture and even become one of those people that help ensure the publication of my childrens stories in Korean language and have your name listed among the honorable patrons.

With this post I'd like to extend all the best wishes for you and your family during the holiday season and may the new year bring you happiness, good health and good fortune!

Kind Regards

Einar Petersen