Nonghyup (농협) Network Offline?

What the hell is going on with Nonghyup bank?  Suddenly all financial services have stopped.  There's some strange pop up on their website that says all services have come to a hault and there is no known date or time when service will resume. 

My Korean isn't good enough to understand all.  Anyone know more details?

Re: Nonghyup (농협) Network Offline?

:?? Wonder if this has anything with my card mysteriously not working for the past 3 or so days...I'll go down there today and see what's up.

Re: Nonghyup (농협) Network Offline?

I went down to the bank today to withdraw some money. They told me the system is down as there has been an error. The clerk told me it should be fixed tomorrow. But, if you want to withdraw money at the bank you need either your passport or I.d card. I had a horrific time trying to get money without either today. Its do-able, but it takes forever

Hope this helps