Non-cookie-cutter Wedding Venue in Busan?

Hi Everyone,

Well, it's about that time.  My girlfriend and I are getting married this fall in Busan, and we're searching for venues.  We don't actually want a ceremony, which makes finding a venue a little trickier since every wedding hall is basically a package deal of ceremony + overcrowded buffet.  

We'd like to find a venue that will accommodate 150(ish) people, and just do a dinner/reception-type event.  We will likely just find someone to cater it.  If anyone can give an idea or two I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!!

Re: Non-cookie-cutter Wedding Venue in Busan?

Hey there - My wife and I had our wedding in a park by the ocean in Songjeong. It was really beautiful and we did everything ourselves with the help of a wedding planner we hired in one of the shops in Gwangalli. 

Venue-wise, we lucked out because her mother's friend works for the Gu office and got us permission to have the event there. Don't know what it'd be like to get a spot like that without the connection. Also... we had quite the the crowd of local gawkers so maybe you're looking for something more private.

The wedding planner was really great... though a bit expensive. I think she was 3 million and she took care of our clothing, makeup, decorations and all the peripheral stuff you would never think of. Also included in her fee were the photos (both pre-wedding and day-of) and video and books and DVD's and all that. 

We hired a caterer who cooked for 80 people. She was a bitch... so don't go with the restaurant that does outside catering nearby Megamart in Namcheon. Don't know the name. 

And we hired an event company to sort all the tables, chairs, tent (for the bride) and sound sytem.

I can't remember the total bill but it was comparable to a wedding hall. We were thrilled and so were our families and other guests. So it's totally worth the extra effort to get out of the cookie cutter wedding hall route. 

I just remembered... when we were looking for venues, we checked out Alexander Restaurant in Dalmaji. They have a big banquet room... don't know if it'd be big enough.

If you do find a public space that you might want to use, from what I understand, it's up to the Gu office to give permission. When you apply, talk it up like it will be a cross-cultural event blah blah blah. But I don't think you can make it completely private on public land. 

That's all the wisdom I've got re: such matters. If you have any other questions, you can PM me and I'll be happy to help. Congrats!

Re: Non-cookie-cutter Wedding Venue in Busan?

My wife and I also decided to not do the tradtional wedding hall blah blah.

We went to a premium buffet and  reserved a banquet room. Really,really fancy. The floor gets it's own buffet so it's super nice and very private. We had 250 people there. The cost was around 45 dollars a head with drink setting. Message me, and I'll tell you the place-

We were able to set up shop in the front of the room for cake cutting, speeches, songs, etc. It was very western, and my wife's Korean friends were all impressed.