newbie scared to approach employeers...

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newbie scared to approach employeers...

If anyone has experience dealing with their korean employer at an academy i'd be grateful for any advice on my situation.

once upon a time, four days before I left for korea...

my boss informed me I would be working in two academies, one on tuesday and thursday. It said in my contract that I might be required to work at another academy ONCE a week, and thus they were violating said contract. however the hours and everything were the same at this 2nd school...and apparently the subway ride was only 15 minutes, and I was too psyched up at that point to turn back, and I went anyway.

now, 6 weeks in, that tues/thursday academy (which it takes me an hour to reach) is playing with my hours outside of the agreed upon restrictions of my contract.

I know that I am not legally registered at this academy and that people are saving money on my situation, which is fine but is starting to blow and I'm afraid this bullshit will only continue... i'm unsure of what the best COA would be...


I'd be greatly apprechiative of any advice. thank you.

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1. You can be sure that the

1. You can be sure that the BS will continue... welcome to Korea.

2. What do you mean by "playing with my hours"? If the hours they are giving you do not exceed      what your contract states then there isn't a problem. If they do exceed the contract hours then you should be paid OT. If they fall below your contract hours, you should still be paid your full wage.

3. The rules have changed here. With your bosses permission, you are legally able to work at more    than one place on an E2 visa.

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Yeah - this stuff can happen,

Yeah - this stuff can happen, the best way i've found to deal with any contract / patience problems is the same everywhere in the world - talk to your employer, for the most part they are all just normal people. Also you should remember they need to keep you and to keep you happy as they probably don't want blacklisted or to find a new foreign teacher so soon. Anyway - my advice - talk to the highest person you can and tell them you aren't happy (in a  nice way^^*).