New Thai Noodle Bar in Kyungsung

I just happened upon a new restaurant run by a Korean guy and he cooked up some very very good, authentic tasting Pad Thai. The noodles come in chicken (5,500 won) or prawn (5,000 won) varieties and the serving size is enough to fill you up.

My only gripes were that there were no peanuts or lime juice. The owner speaks good English, and he told me that peanuts are usually in there but they'd just run out that day. Also, he reckons that Koreans wouldn't eat it if he included limes (not that you can buy them here anyway).

Besides the noodles, there are a few other things on the menu: a chicken roll, some salads and a few other things I can't remember. You can also get Cass on tap for 2,500 won. And there's bubble tea, which strangely hasn't caught on in Busan yet.

The name of the place is "Just A Taste" (edited: I go the name wrong before).  Its not a place that obviously looks like it serves Thai, but you can easily see English menu board from the street.

To get there, you go out exit 1 at Kyungsung Station, and walk straight. Go past the police station and take the first right at the  Full#25 convenience store. It will be on your right, a few shops down from the corner.

Definitely check it out if you're into Pad Thai - and while you're there try to talk the owner into investing in a bottle of lime juice to keep on the shelf.

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Thanks for the heads-up and directions TC. 

Ate there this afternoon - very satisfactory bowl of noodles for W5000.
They were able to make vegetarian version of noodles when I asked.
Very cozy (small), but wouldn't hesitate to order take-out if they were crowded. 

The name of the place is 'Just a Taste' - added a business listing  with some pix and a google map link

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My Review for Just A Taste:

The directions are exactly correct and the picture was a nice addition.

When I got there, I was shocked how small the restaurant was, but my gf and I decided to eat. There is a bar that seats about 5 people and one 2 person table. We chose the table. We were the only ones there.

She ordered the prawn noodles and I ordered the chicken one. The food was very good, however, we both expected Phad Thai, but it wasn't. They used a very wide Chinese style noodle. The sauce was also something very different. There were no veggies with the exception of bean sprouts. I honestly cannot remember if there were any peanuts on top, but he did give us a jar of "Easy Lime" which was nice. So thanks to whomever gave him or told him to get that.

I was disapppointed, but not because of the food or the owner. I was disappointed because I thought I was going for Phad Thai, but it was more like a Chinese style dish. Still good, but not what we were craving.

The owner(?)/cook was very nice and could speak both English and Korean. The prices were great at 5,500won each. For that price for a bowl of noodles is great! I recommend trying it out sometime, but the idea that it is Phad Thai is wrong, unless he changed his menu. Also, he didn't have bubble tea which was on the menu.  I'd definatly give the shop a 4.0 out of 5.0. Worth trying, but don't expect authentic Phad Thai. But if you love noodle bowls, GO FOR IT!

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Don't get your hopes up about Thai food in Busan--it fails every time because it's "too spicy" (read: it contains no kochujang), so the vendors Koreanize it and then lose the foreign customers because it's no longer authentic (if it ever was).

It's happened to most joints in Busan worth eating at.  God, the horror stories we could tell you... like being served whipped cream in place of sour cream at a "Mexican" restaurant.