New salad bar in Haeundae at SFUNZ

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New salad bar in Haeundae at SFUNZ

SFUNZ (Haeundae, just past the train station) has recently finished a complete renovation. One of the new restaurants is a salad bar.

I at there and it was excellent. Good chicken. Lots to eat for vegetarians, too. The front end greeter speaks very good English and I noticed a lot of foreigners for lunch.

Ashley Grill & Salad is located on the far end (the street end, Pizza Hut end [gone now]) on the fourth floor. They are open from 11 to 11 everyday.

Lunch: all you can eat for 12,900.. (weekdays) Dinner: 22,900  The dinner is more expensive because they have a different menu, a full grill for meats, and all the wine you can drink is included. The price on weekends is the dinner price all day.

The wines are out of a tap. Red: Merlot, Brachetto ...White: Proseco, Moscato

Pay extra for personal fillet mignon steaks or crispy shrimp plates.

phone: 709-6431