The New Blue Plastic Bags at the Supermarket.

Since plastic bags at most major supermarkets were phased out at the end of last year, in favour of people using those heavy duty re-useable bags, I've noticed in the past few weeks that the option of a plastic bag is available again. But this time, they are blue and from your local council / 구 office (similar to the white bags used for trash).

But at nearly a 1000 won (880) a piece, they ain't cheap which got me wondering what their purpose is. On the bag it says 재사요 which when checked in the dictionary means 're-useable', which I presume means that they are intended as a cheaper version of the 'nicer' bags available at about 2000 won and up.

I guess they had complaints from people who don't want to carry a bag around with them all the time in the chance they may pop by the supermarket. A few times when I've been without my car I've done exactly that and been a bit annoyed that I have to spend an extra 2000 to get my shopping home. That said a buck for a bag is still kind of expensive. It would be great if they could be re-used for trash or food waste. But, I would guess that probably isn't their intended purpose. However you could always play the dumb foreigner card and use them for trash anyhow. The way I see it is that you've already paid your money to the council anyway.

If anyone else knows any more about them it would be nice to know. Thanks.

Re: The New Blue Plastic Bags at the Supermarket.

Actually, those blue bags are trash bags. That's why they're W1,000. Also, unlike the white bags that can only be used in your neighbourhood, the blue bags can be used in any neighbourhood.