Need Photo Recovery Help ASAP

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Need Photo Recovery Help ASAP

Well I just came back from a great vacation to countries I'd always wanted to visit. I made the mistake of not backing it up on the cloud from my iPad and when my boyfriend's phone got stolen, they erased my cloud and his and all our pics. So theres nothing I could do about it on there.

But I still have my SD card from my camera, and there seems to be more hope to get them back. I downloaded a number of programs and chose Stellar Photo Recovery. Like all the others, it scanned my card and hundreds (not all though) of my pictures came up. When it came time to recover and save them I had to pay $40 which is the going rate. When i saved them to my computer it turns out it just saved the thumbnails for the majority of them or weird half grey/half snippets of the pictures. I'm trying all these other programs now but I don't want to pay that much anymore especially if that's what I'll get, and I don't want to overwrite my card.

If anyone out there has any solutions or friends that are really tech saavy please please let me know! I don't want to give up on these pics cause they mean a lot to us. Any help is much appreciated!