My Computer Crashed - Help Please!

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Donnalee Ritchi...
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My Computer Crashed - Help Please!

Hi there,

Just wondering if anyone had any idea where I could go to get my laptop fixed, it totally crashed - won't turn on - I would like to be able to retrieve some of my files if possible - I've read that people have had difficulty with taking cpus in and them just being wiped...

Any advice or help would be GREATLY appreciated!! I'm lost without my laptop!

Mr. Bascomb
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Re: My Computer Crashed - Help Please!

Try this guy.

He is pretty good at this sort of stuff.  He also has a Facebook page.

Good luck.


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Re: My Computer Crashed - Help Please!

Hi believe there is one guy I forget his name but he is korean and he often sell old laptop on pusanweb. He also offer service and I met him once and I really believe he is quite a geniune person. His phone number is 010-2994-1680 and lives close kyungsung University. You can call him and fix some metting and offcourse he speak english too.

another option for you will be you can visit Computer Repair Center at Gaegum just In front of Home Plus. Its next to Dong Eui University. There are many shop where you can show your laptop. Even they also have one Data Recovery center which is little expensive but if your data is really important then that's a good option. but remember its little difficult to talk there if you don't know korean. 

I hope this can help. There can be two reason if your computer suddenly crashed, it may be mother board. If there are some light which is coming then probably Hard Disk. So contact him and rest information he can give it to you.